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10.28.10 - 12:52 - By: Antje Nevermann

Want to also ignite their firework of hits in Europe's stadiums. ©Universal Music Group

Bon Jovi | Hard Rock Calling

Bon Jovi live and Open Air

After Take That, another supergroup has now announced their return in a big way: after their tour through the US and Canada, Bon Jovi will also enrich European stadiums with concerts in 2011. At least two festivals are on the US rocker's program: Bon Jovi will be headlining at the Hard Rock Calling on June 25th in London and they'll also perform as a main act at the Kazlicesme Festival in Istanbul on July 8th. As of now, there are four dates scheduled for Germany: in June, Bon Jovi will be performing in Dresden (June 10th), and in Munich (June 12th), a month later, they'll be in Düsseldorf (July 13th) and in Mannheim (July 16th). The advance ticket sales for the German gigs are starting soon: on Friday for Dresden (October 29th) and on Saturday (October 30th) for the other three concerts. Tickets for the Hard Rock Calling will be available in advance from Monday (November 1st) on. Jon Bon Jovi and Co.will be presenting a phat greatest hits package in particular, which will also be hitting stores as an ultimate collection double album on Friday (October 29th).

Bon Jovi's European dates:

June 8th - Zagreb, Maiximir Stadion
June 10th - Dresden, Ostragehege
June 12th - Munich, Olympia Stadion
June 15th - Oslo, Ullevaal Stadion
June 17th - Helsinki, Olympia Stadion
June 19th - Horsens, Horsens Stadion
June 22nd - Edinburgh, Murrayfield Stadion
June 24th - Manchester, Old Trafford Cricket Ground
June 25th - London, Hard Rock Calling
June 29th - Dublin, RDS Arena
July 8th - Istanbul, Kazlicesme Festival
July 10th - Bukarest, Plata Constitutiei
July 13th - Düsseldorf, Esprit Arena
July 14th - Zürich, Letzigrund Stadion
July 16th - Mannheim, Maimarktgelände
July 17th - Udine, Stadio Friuli
July 20th - Athens, Olympia Stadion
July 24th - Brussels, Zeebrugge Beach
July 27th - Barcelona, Olypia Stadion
July 29th - San Sebastian, Estado Anoeta
July 31st - Lisbon, Parque de Belavista

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